The main objective of the COMPALITY project is to train VET students to design, implement and evaluate equality plans in companies. Through various activities, the participating students will get to know the legislation, both national and European, on equality in companies, learn to draft an equality plan in accordance with the law, start it in any organization (regardless of size, sector, activity, billing, etc.) and assess compliance. This will lead to a rapprochement of VET students with the company, which will be very positive for their subsequent incorporation into the labour market. This approach will take place when students, once trained, contact companies in their environment that lack an equality plan in their organization to realize it and put into practice all the theory acquired. As a result of the fact that the participating students offer themselves to the companies to design them an equality plan to measure, the number of companies that have the aforementioned equality plan in their company will increase, as the data published in this regard shed light on a much better situation in this regard (only 1 in 4 companies has an equality plan, according to USO, report of 25 October 2021). Finally, after carrying out the above activities, we would be able to achieve a very important objective set by the consortium, which is to spread equal behaviour between men and women in business organisations, favouring positive actions and denouncing possible discriminatory situations providing the company with tools for their elimination.